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187Diversity and community structure of Ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with Pinus roxburghii and P. wallichiana across the western Himalayan forests of PakistanMycologySaba, Malka.ECM fungi
Pinus roxburghii
P. wallichiana
Western Himalaya
913Effectiveness of commercially available mycorrhizal products on seed germination and seedling growthMycologyMeriwether, Megan; Walker, Hayley; Twanabasu, Bishnu.mycorrhizal fungi
commerical bioinoculants 
78Influence of vegetation parameters on ectomycorrhizal fungal community production in guineo-sudanian forests (Benin)MycologyBoni, Souleymane.Mushrooms community
Host trees
mushroom community
species richness
296Phylogenetic characterization of Amanita: an ectomycorrhizal genus from dry and moist temperate forests of PakistanMycologyNaseer, Arooj; Khalid, Adul Nasir Khalid.

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