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Boni, Souleymane [1].

Influence of vegetation parameters on ectomycorrhizal fungal community production in guineo-sudanian forests (Benin).

Studied showed that ectomycorrhizal (EcM) mushrooms are integral part of african trees physiology and also that the regeneration and recover of tropical forest depend on the survival of seedlings which in turn depend on the rate with which they become mycorrhizal. But particularly in Benin, a study attempted to show that basal area and tree density shape the natural production of mushrooms and in a context of climate change it was necessary to include tree canopy cover effect as well on natural mushrooms production because somehow tree canopy cover is a good regulator in forester ecosystems. So this work which took into account the effect of canopy cover has been carried out in the Ouémé Supérieur classified forest located in northern Benin. It aims to determine the effect : (i) of density, basal area and canopy of host trees on species richness and biomass of EcM mushrooms, (ii) of density, basal area and canopy of host trees on the diversity and structure of EcM mushrooms. Three different plant communities (V1 = plant community dominated by Isoberlinia doka, V2 = plant community dominated by Isoberlinia tomentosa et V3 = plant community dominated by Uapaca togoensis) located in three different sites were selected. In each plant community, nine permanents plots of 2.500 m2 were installed in the three plant communities. Each plot was split into 25 sub-plot of 100 m2 totalising 225 sub-plot. Mycological inventories were conducted twice a week per plot for 5 months (from June to October). Results show that tree canopy cover and tree density of host tree were positively correlated to the specific richness and diversity of EcM mushrooms whilst basal area of EcM trees was positively correlated to biomass of EcM mushrooms as well. The study results also revealed that EcM tree density have no significant (P=0.6457) effect on EcM mushrooms community but the presence-absence of EcM tree has significant (P=0.0357). The canopy of EcM tree has significant (P=0.0218) effect on EcM mushrooms community and at last EcM tree basal area have no significant (P=0.62) effect on EcM mushrooms community. This work allowed us to clearly show that EcM mushrooms communities are strongly influenced by plant communities which suggest that there is a fairly tight correlation between flora and mycoflora. Through this study, we also added a great contribution to the knowledge of tropical EcM mushrooms and particularly to the EcM mushrooms in guineo-sudanian forest (Benin).

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1 - University of Parakou , 03 BP 125-Parakou , Benin

Mushrooms community
Host trees
mushroom community
species richness.

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