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Reproductive Processes

Saunders, Madisen [1], Krosnick, Shawn [2].

Reproductive characteristics of Physaria globosa (Desvaux) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz (Brassicaceae) as measured in an ex-situ cultivated population in Putnam County, TN.

Physaria globosa is a federally endangered species endemic to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. This species grows on steep, rocky, slopes, bluffs and talus areas, and is usually found in these habitats near rivers or streams. Because of this, P. globosa faces many threats, including road construction, soil erosion, forest succession, invasive plant species, and small population sizes. To better understand how to aid in conservation efforts for this species, a thorough understanding of its reproductive characteristics is required. Approximately seven individuals were transplanted from the wild population and cultivated ex-situ in the Native Plant Garden at Tennessee Technological University. These were examined in March through May 2018 to determine the average number of pollen grains per anther, the length of time required for pollen to germinate on the stigma and reach the ovules, and the duration of stigma receptivity during floral anthesis. The resulting information will be useful for considering the broader implications of studies on P. globosa and its pollinators. In addition, these data can be used strategically to increase the chances of successfull pollination events in both field and cultivated populations.

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1 - Tennessee Tech University, Department of Biology, 1100 North Dixie Avenue, Cookeville, TN, 38505, USA
2 - Tennessee Tech University, Dept. Of Biology, 1100 East Dixie Avenue, Pennebaker Hall #207, Cookeville, TN, 38505, United States

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