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Hermsen, Elizabeth J. [1].

Taxonomic composition of the Neogene Gray Fossil Site carpoflora (Tennessee, USA).

The Gray Fossil Site (GFS) is an ancient sinkhole deposit that preserves a fossil biota estimated to be late Miocene to Pliocene (4.5-7 million years) in age. The flora is represented by palynomorphs, wood, leaves, fruits, and seeds. The palynomorphs have been documented in several publications, whereas description of the macrofossil flora remains relatively incomplete. While over 20 taxa at the genus or family level have been reported to occur in the GFS macroflora, only five genera (Carya, Nyssa, Sinomenium, Staphylea, and Vitis) have been formally described from carpofossils, with an additional genus (Taxodium) described from leaves. Herein, I report findings of a preliminary evaluation of the taxonomic composition of the GFS carpoflora. Many families or genera previously reported from the macroflora were confirmed, e.g., Quercus (Fagaceae), several genera and/or species of Hamamelidaceae, Polygonaceae (cf. Persicaria), Rosaceae (cf. Rubus), Rutaceae (cf. Zanthoxylum), Styracaceae (cf. Halesia), and an extinct genus with affinities to Symplocaceae; additional components possibly include Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae, Oxalidaceae (cf. Oxalis), and Passifloraceae (cf. Passiflora). Research on the flora is ongoing, with the goal of producing a comprehensive systematic evaluation of the flora using traditional and advanced techniques (e.g., micro-CT imaging) for visualizing the fossils.

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1 - Paleontological Research Institution, 1259 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca, NY, 14850

Gray Fossil Site

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