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Lewis, Michelle [1], Blakely, Sarah [1], McKain, Michael [2].

Plastid phylogenomics of the genus Hosta.

The genus Hosta includes multiple ornamental species grown for their foliage and shade tolerance. The genus is composed of 23 accepted species, many of which have multiple recognized varieties. Additionally, numerous hybrids exist as part of an extensive horticulture trade. Hosta is a close relative of Agave, Yucca, and other members of the subfamily Agavoideae (Asparagaceae). Though all of its closest relatives are native to the Americas and many are adapted to deserts, hostas are native to Northeastern Asia, where they tend to grow in mesic and shaded environments. Studies have demonstrated that hostas have some drought tolerance, though the extent of this tolerance across species remains undocumented. Due to their phylogenetic placement as sister to a clade with multiple desert lineages, the evolution of drought tolerance in Hosta is of great interest for comparative studies to xerophytes. Understanding drought tolerance in Hosta, however, requires a well-resolved phylogeny. We used genome skimming to assemble complete chloroplast genomes for 31 accessions of hostas, representing 18 species, eight unresolved taxa, and five varieties. We combined these data with published Hosta chloroplast genomes and those from other members of Agavoideae to serve as outgroups. Using these data, we reconstructed the complete chloroplast phylogeny for much of the Hosta genus. We compared these results to traditional taxonomy of the genus, highlighting conservation and variation in morphological characters previously used to divide the genus into sections. Future work will include nuclear-based phylogenies to help elucidate the complex history of hybridization in the genus as well as molecular evolution studies focused on known genes involved in drought tolerance.

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1 - The University of Alabama, Biological Sciences, 300 Hackberry Lane, Box 870344, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487, United States
2 - The University of Alabama, Biological Sciences, 300 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 35487, United States

plastid phylogenomics
drought tolerance.

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Session: P, Systematics
Location: Grand Ballroom - Exhibit Hall/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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