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Functional Genetics/Genomics

Wenger , Jonathan P [1], Dabney, Clemon [1], ElSohly, Mahmoud [2], Chandra, Suman [2], Radwan, Mohamed [2], Majumdar, Chandrani G [2], Weiblen, George [1].

Validating a predictive model of cannabinoid inheritance with Minnesota ditch weed (Cannabis sativa L.).

With documented use by humans for thousands of years as a source of fiber, food, and drugs, Cannabis sativa L. (cannabis, hemp, marijuana) is a species of significant cultural and economic importance. Federal regulations prevented the study of feral populations (ditch weed) until recently. We obtained permission to examine cannabinoid profiles and genetic markers in Minnesota ditch weed populations. Some of these populations could be descended from a 1943 effort by the U.S. Plant Defense Corporation to establish hemp fiber production in the Minnesota River Valley. Sampling of >300 plants from feral populations yielded three distinct cannabinoid profiles: predominantly cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), predominantly tetrahydrocannbinolic acid (THCA), and intermediate. The frequency of a hemp-type cannabinoid profile in these populations was 0.9, while intermediate was 0.09, and drug-type was 0.01. We used the same feral plants to test a cannabinoid inheritance model that we developed from our hemp/drug-type cannabis mapping population. The model predicts the ratio of THCA to CBDA from functional and non-functional genotypes of CBDA synthase (CBDAS). We found a perfect correlation between cannabinoid profiles and CBDAS genotypes despite substantial quantitative variation in total cannabinoid content among feral plants (0.5-9.0% inflorescence dry weight).

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1 - University of Minnesota, Plant & Microbial Biology, 1479 Gortner Ave, 140 Gortner Lab, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55108-1095, United States
2 - University of Mississippi, National Center for Natural Products Research, 806 Hathorn Road, 135 Coy Waller Laboratory Complex, Box 1848, University, MS, 38677-1848, United States

population genetics
inheritance model

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 8, Functional Genetics and Genomics
Location: 109/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
Time: 11:30 AM
Number: 8012
Abstract ID:855
Candidate for Awards:None

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