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Reproductive Processes

Haw, Hannah [1], Krosnick, Shawn [2].

Examination of functional reproductive differences among floral morphs in Passiflora incarnata L. (Passifloraceae).

Passiflora incarnata is an andromonoecious clonal species native to the southeastern United States. Previous data suggest that there are five distinct floral morphs present on individual plants, three functionally male and two hermaphroditic; each vary in their degree of gynoecial development. Manipulated outcrosses were performed among three genetically distinct individuals to assess the extent of successful pollen germination, pollen tube presence in the styles, and pollen tube penetration of the ovary for each of the five morphs. Germination on the stigma surface is possible for all morphs, but pollen tubes are generally absent from the styles and ovaries for the two least developed male morphs. In some cases, pollen tubes were found in the styles but did not penetrate the ovary. Surprisingly, the largest hermaphroditic morph also lacks pollen tubes and ovary penetration. Cross-sections of style tissue confirm arrested gynoecial development in the smallest two male morphs, while the third male and two hermaphroditic morph cross-sections show fully developed tissues. Further investigation into reproductive anatomy is being explored to determine differences between each morph. Potential implications for reproductive ecology are also considered.

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1 - Tennessee Tech University, Dept. of Biology, 1100 East Dixie Avenue, Pennebaker Hall #207, Cooke, TN, 38505, USA
2 - Tennessee Tech University, Dept. Of Biology, 1100 East Dixie Avenue, Pennebaker Hall #207, Cookeville, TN, 38505, United States

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Session: P, Reproductive Processes
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