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Cetlova, Veronika [1], Šlenker, Marek [1], Melichárková, Andrea [1], Zozomová-Lihová, Judita [1], Marhold, Karol [1], Španiel, Stanislav [1].

Taxa of the genus Odontarrhena (Brassicaceae) in Balkan - taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships.

The recently resurrected genus Odontarrhena C.A.Mey. ex Ledeb. is comprised of 87 perennial species. Morphological and genetic differences led to its exclusion from the genus Alyssum L. The distribution range of the genus Odontarrhena extends from North Africa, Central and Southern Europe to temperate Asia (only one species is native to North America). The genus includes several widespread species and many regional and local endemics. They occupy xeric and rocky habitats across a large altitudinal span, including very specific environments such as serpentine rocks and coastal sandy dunes. Several species have successfully spread into man-made habitats in their native area and few of them have become invasive in North America where they were introduced two decades ago (for phytomining). Growing interest of scientists in Odontarrhena during last few years is connected with its ability to hyperaccumulate heavy metals, especially a nickel. The taxonomy of particular species is still little explored. Several molecular studies have been published recently, focusing on the evolution of the nickel hyperaccumulation, but none of the molecular markers provided sufficient resolution to answer phylogenetic and taxonomic questions. In our on-going studies we aim to reveal the evolutionary history of the Central and Southern European Odontarrhena taxa and to revise their controversial taxonomic treatments using molecular (Hyb-Seq), flow-cytometric and morphometric methods. Our preliminary results show the cytogeography of Odontarrhena taxa in Central Europe, three major Southern European Peninsulas (Iberian, Apennine, Balkan) and adjacent regions.

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1 - Plant Science & Biodiversity Centre, Slovak Acad. Sci., Institute of Botany, Dubravska cesta 9, Bratislava, BL, SK-84523, Slovakia

DNA sequencing

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