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Wang, Shenyi [1], Cameron, Kenneth [1], Li, Pan [2].

Evolution, phylogenetics and phylogeography of Liliaceae subfamily Streptopoideae.

Subfamily Streptopoideae (Liliaceae) as currently circumscribed is a group of perennial herbaceous plants that has three genera distributed in the Northern Hemisphere. There are 17 species in these three genera: Prosartes, Scoliopus, and Streptopus. The taxonomy and placement of these three genera or some species within has been controversial for a long time. The relationships among those genera has been explored in some higher-level taxa studies, but due to the incomplete taxa sampling, the whole picture of the finer scale phylogenetics of this subfamily has not ever been studied. So, I am aiming to use multiple molecular datasets, including whole plastome sequences, to reconstruct a robust phylogeny for this subfamily and check the evolutionary histories of the lineages using such methods as Ancestral Area Reconstruction, Ancestral State Reconstruction and past geographic distributions. I will also check the monophyly of species in Streptopus using multiple individuals of the same species by analyzing next generation DNA sequence data. Finally, I will conduct a phylogeography study for North American Streptopus lanceolatus. This species has a disjunct distribution pattern across North America, and I am exploring its distribution of genetic lineages to understand its landscape evolution, postglacial recolonization and detect (or reject) possible glacial refugia.

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1 - University of Wisconsin, Madison, Botany, 430 Lincoln Dr. , Madison, Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 53706, United States
2 - Zhejiang University, College Of Life Sciences, 866 Yuhangtang Rd., Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310058, China


Presentation Type: Poster
Session: P, Systematics
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Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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