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Szubryt, Marisa [1], Neubig, Kurt [2], Urbatsch, Lowell [3].

Systematics of the North American Astereae.

The Astereae (Asteraceae) encompasses an ecologically important and cosmopolitan tribe with over 2,700 species. Our research specifically focuses on a large lineage of Astereae throughout western North America which includes Chrysothamnus, Ericameria, Euthamia, Gutierrezia, Lorandersonia and additional genera. Many of these genera and species form dominant community types within arid environments throughout the western United States and are central to the region’s ecology. The relationships between the North American genera are largely unresolved, however. Traditional Sanger sequencing approaches using nuclear and plastid loci have previously provided insufficient variation to resolve phylogenetic relationships at the genus and species level. We utilized genome skimming from Illumina HiSeqX 150 base pair paired-end reads from unenriched total DNA, primarily from herbarium specimens. High-copy genomic regions with considerable phylogenetic utility, primarily the nuclear ribosomal cistron and whole chloroplast genomes, were assembled for phylogenetic comparison and analyzed using maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods to obtain additional variation and find robustly-supported clades. Time-calibrations using BEAST subsequently estimated divergence times for major lineages; divergence times for many taxa during and after the aridification of the western United States likely indicate that the desertification of the western United States greatly influenced Astereae speciation.

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1 - 400 North Oakland Avenue Apartment 10B, Carbondale, 62901, United States
2 - 2704 W Sunset Dr., Carbondale, IL, 62901, United States
3 - Louisiana State University, Biology, 202 Life Science Building, Baton Rouge, LA, 70803, USA

genome skimming
Nuclear ribosomal cistron

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