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Bryology and Lichenology

Tobi, Chuks [1].

Bryoflora of Obudu Cattle Ranch in Nigeria.

Obudu cattle ranch in Cross river state, Nigeria has a diversity of bryophytes species. The ranch stretches between an altitude of 751m (at the bottom) and 1595m at the peak. A survey and assessment of the bryoflora of Obudu cattle ranch was made. A total of 140 samples were collected by the use of a scalpel and identification was made by the use of an Olympus microscope. In all, 35 families were identified. 27 families were mosses, 7 families of liverworts and 1 hornwort species. 8 samples were unidentified. High species richness was recorded at 1581m which corresponded to the Becheve Nature Reserve. The newly discovered species which are not in the check list of bryophyte species previously recorded for Nigerian include: Bryum alpinum var. alpinum; Hypnum lacunosum var. lacunosum; Hypnum cupressiforme var. filiforme ; Hypnum cupressiforme var. cupressiforme ; Hypnum cupressiforme var. tectorum; Isopterygium sericifolium; Campylopus jamesonii; Campylopus hildebrandtii; Lindbergia patentifolia; Sematophyllum subbrachytheciiforme; Funaria perlaxa; Pilotrichella cuspidata; Papillaria africanum; Pilotrichella ampullaceae; Rhizofabronia perpilosa; Fabronia abyssinica; Fabronia pilifera; Lopidium struthiopteris; Racopilum africanum; Prionodon ciliates; Cyclodictyon dixonianum; Cyclodictyon brevifolium; Porothamnium stipitatum; Porotrichum usagarum; Trachyphyllum inflexum; Fissidens androgynus; Philonotis fontana; Hedwigidium integrifolium; Racomitrium lamprocarpum; Leucobryum madagassum; Cryphaea robusta; Daltonia latolimbata; Leptodontiopsis fragilifolia; Hennediella stanfordensis; Hylocomnium splendens; Plagiomnium rhynchophorum; Ceratolejeunea calabariensis; Ceratolejeunea diversicornua; Lejeunea cantabrigiensis; Haplolejeunea cucullata; Cheilolejeunea trifaria; Plagiochilla pectinata; Plagiochilla terebrans; Plagiochilla moenkemeyeri; Plagiothecium nitens; Frullania serrate; Mastigophora diclados; Marchantia polymorpha; and Phaeoceros carolianus. In all, there are 37 mosses, 12 liverworts and 1 hornwort. The discovery of the hornwort in Nigeria is reported for the first time in literature in these studies. The altitudinal variation has an effect on the species diversity of bryophytes in the study site with more species present at higher altitudes. The research work on this location will add to the dearth of information on Nigerian bryophytes.

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1 - University of Lagos, Botany, Lagos, Nigeria

Altitudinal variation.

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