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Eriksson, Torsten [1], Davis, Thomas M [2].

Rooting strawberry trees (Fragaria, Rosaceae).

Phylogenetic analyses yield unrooted trees and the root is then applied using external criteria, usually an outgroup. Rooting is inevitable in phylogenetics, else we do not know the direction of evolutionary change or even the content of clades. Clades are important in order to interpret biological events such as character transformations, lineage splits or polyploidisation events like those in Fragaria, the strawberries. If rooting fails, the root may be placed on the wrong ingroup branch or may distort ingroup relationships, and we will fail to interpret the evolutionary history correctly. Cultivated strawberries are octoploid, probably originating from diploid ancestors through a series of polyploidisations. Previous analyses of Fragaria have used few and in most cases distant outgroups which has resulted in different placements of the root and seemingly different topologies. We present new analyses of diploid Fragaria species using several nuclear and chloroplast DNA regions and more than ten relevant outgroups focusing on elucidating the root of the strawberry tree.

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1 - University Of Bergen, University Museum, Natural History Collections, Postboks 7800, Bergen, N-5007 , Norway
2 - University of New Hampshire, Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems, 104 Rudman Hall, Durham, NH, 03824, USA

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Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 37, Systematics III--Monocots 2 to Caryophs
Location: 111/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Time: 9:15 AM
Number: 37006
Abstract ID:572
Candidate for Awards:None

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