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Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms in the era of next generation sequencing

Ma, Hong [1].

Phylotranscriptomics of angiosperms among major lineages and within large families with analyses of divergence times and morphological evolution.

Angiosperms are extremely important for ecosystems and human livelihoods. Phylogenetic relationships among angiosperms are a foundation for many other studies, including evolutionary biology and ecology, comparative genomics, and translational agriculture. Early investigations using chloroplast sequences and recent efforts using nuclear genes have both contributed to the understanding of angiosperm relationships. In particular, the rapid progresses in sequencing have made it possible to obtain and use large numbers of nuclear genes to address difficult phylogenetic problems of those lineages that have diverged within a relatively short periods of times. We have used transcriptome sequencing and performed phylogenetic analyses of major deep lineages and also several relatively large angiosperm families, yielding well-resolved relationships that are largely in agreement with chloroplast sequence-based phylogenies. The deep lineages include five deep lineages of the mesangiosperm clade representing nearly all angiosperms, major branches of core eudicots and those of some eudicot subgroups, whereas the analyzed families include Brassicaceae, Asteraceae, Rosaceae and others. These results will be summarized, along with recent studies from analysis of the divergence times of relevant groups, reconstruction of ancestral character of key morphological features, and shifts in rates of diversification during angiosperm evolution.

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1 - The Pennsylvania State University, Biology, The Huck Institutes of Life Sciences, University Park, PA, 16802, USA

Mesangiosperm relationships
Eudicot lineages
whole genome duplication.

Presentation Type: Symposium Presentation
Session: SY6, Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms in the era of next generation sequencing
Location: 102/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Time: 3:45 PM
Number: SY6006
Abstract ID:569
Candidate for Awards:None

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