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Saavedra, Natalie [1], Morrison, Glen [2], Huang, Yi [3], Sanders, Andrew [2], Burge, Dylan [4], Stoughton, Thomas [5], Parker, Thomas [6], Keeley, Jon [7], Litt, Amy [8].

Leaf morphological variation of Arctostaphylos glandulosa subspecies.

The genus Arctostaphylos, also known as manzanitas, are a group of evergreen shrubs, almost all occurring within the California Floristic Province. There are over 100 species and subspecies included in this genus and a large of proportion of them are considered endangered. Phenotypic plasticity and hybridization are common in this genus, making identification difficult in the field. As part of a larger project looking at genetic, morphological, and environmental diversity across the genus, we are studying A. glandulosa in hopes of uncovering patterns of diversity that can be applied to other Arctostaphylos taxa across California. A. glandulosa is a widely distributed species and ten subspecies are currently recognized. These subspecies, however, are difficult to distinguish and have been revised many times. Based on the current taxonomy system, leaf color, fruit shape, and length of glandular hairs have been considered the important traits for identifying these ten subspecies. Leaf shape has been observed to be highly variable within this species but it is not clear if it is useful for distinguishing subspecies. The amount of morphological variation within and between populations also remains unknown making us question if A. glandulosa subspecies are genetically distinct. We performed morphometric analyses to quantify leaf shape to assess the pattern of morphological variation within this species to determine if leaf shape distinguishes subspecies.

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1 - 24548 Covington Way, Moreno Valley, CA, 92557, United States
2 - University Of California Riverside, Botany And Plant Sciences, 900 University Ave, Riverside, CA, 92521, United States
3 - University of California, Riverside, Botany and Plant Science, 900 University Ave, Batchelor Hall, Riverside, California, 92521, USA
4 - 13411 Bean Flat Road, Chico, CA, 95928, United States
5 - Plymouth State University, Biology, 17 High Street, MSC 48, Plymouth, NH, 03264, USA
6 - Cal State San Fransisco, 1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco , CA, 94132, USA
7 - USGS Western Ecological Research Center, 800 Business Park Drive, Suite D, Dixon, CA, 95620, USA
8 - University Of California Riverside, Botany Dept, 900 University Ave, Riverside, CA, 92521, United States

Leaf shape
California Floristic Province.

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