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Havran, J [1], Swenson, Ulf [2], Munzinger , Jérôme  [3], McLoughlin , Stephen  [4], Nylinder , Stephan  [5].

Origins and interisland biogeography of endemic Hawaiian Planchonella (Sapotaceae).

Planchonella (Sapotaceae) is a Australasian-Pacific centered genus of 110 species, represented in Hawaii by the morphologically-confusing taxon P. sandwicensis. To evaluate the biogeographic history of Planchonella in the Pacific and Hawaii, we conducted a time calibrated phylogeny of 80 species of Planchonella, including over 20 accessions from Hawaii, using ITS, ETS, and RPB2 markers. A split in the tree in the vicinity of Fiji about 19.5 Ma led to an establishment of Planchonella in the Hawaiian Islands about 10.6 Ma. This age of the Hawaiian Planchonella supports a pre-Kauai origin, possibly on Necker Island. Two distinct Hawaiian subclades are evident in the phylogeny, each confers to a different fruit color: purple and yellow. The yellow-fruited clade confers in part to the progression rule with a potential origin in Kauai and a progressive colonization to younger islands. The purple-fruited clade shows an origin on Maui or Oahu followed by back-dispersal to older islands. The two clades likely correspond to two endemic species in Hawaii, P. sandwicensis with purple fruit and the yellow-fruited P. spathulata (currently in synonymy with P. sandwicensis).

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1 - Campbell University, Dept Biological Sciences, 205 Day Dorm Rd, Buies Creek, NC, 27506, United States
2 - Swedish Museum Of Natural History, Botany Department, Svante Arrhenius Vg 3, Stockholm, C, SE-114 18, Sweden
3 - Institute of Research for Development (IRD), Plant Architecture, Functioning and Evolution (AMAP), Montpellier, France
4 - Swedish Museum of Natural History, Department of Palaeobiology, Box 50007, S-104 05, Stockholm, Sweden
5 - Gothenburg University, Department of Psychology, Box 500, SE-405 30, Göteborg, Sweden


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 4, Biogeography
Location: 105/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
Time: 9:15 AM
Number: 4006
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