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Education and Outreach

Maricle, Keri [1].

Student led research in the Botanical Society of America Planting Science program.

The Botanical Society of America Planting Science program aims to engage middle and high school (as well as college) students from across the country in plant research projects. High school sophomore students from Thomas More Prep-Marian in Hays, KS conducted independent research experiments measuring photosynthetic rates in spinach leaves under varying environmental conditions. Students performed test trials, measuring photosynthesis in spinach leaves with the floating-leaf disk method to practice techniques before conducting their own experiments. Following this, students designed an experiment, starting with a testable hypothesis on what independent variables could influence the dependent variable of photosynthesis in spinach leaves. Independent variables tested included CO2 concentrations, light availability, wavelengths available for photosynthesis, and pH levels. Furthermore, some students chose to vary plant species, using the floating-leaf disk method to compare photosynthetic rates. Results from their experiments were then written up in a form of a scientific lab report, which was constructed by each individual student and submitted for a grade. Some students also went a step further in their research and constructed posters, which were then presented at a regional science fair. Participating in the BSA Planting Science program helped students gain a deeper understanding of what factors can influence photosynthetic rates in plants, strengthened their lab techniques, helped them practice scientific writing skills, and provided a clear understanding of the scientific method.

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1 - Thomas More Prep-Marian, 1701 Hall Street, Hays, KS, 67601, United States


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Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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