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Conservation Biology

Ballou, Steven [1], Mandel, Jennifer [2].

Distribution and Genetic Diversity of Nabalus serpentarius and its Common Congener, N. trifoliolatus (Asteraceae).

Nabalus serpentarius is a species within Asteraceae that is native to the Eastern portion of the United States. In Massachusetts, N. serpentarius is listed as an endangered species. On the island of Nantucket, there are known populations of N. serpentarius and a strong conservation effort making the island a great location to conduct a population genetic study to better understand the species in this range and build a conservation plan. To better understand the expected genetic diversity within N. serpentarius populations, a common (non-endangered) related species, Nabalus trifoliolatus, was also studied. To conduct this study, leaf tissue samples were collected from individuals from four populations of N. serpentarius and individuals from five populations of N. trifoliolatus. DNA was extracted from all samples and PCR was performed on a test set of samples from each species using primers for ten microsatellite loci developed for a species in the same tribe, Taraxacum kok-saghyz (Russian dandelion). Four of the primers (TK3, TK 97, TK 105, and TK 111) successfully produced an amplicon of similar size to the dandelion sample. The six primers that failed were attempted again using a modified PCR recipe and a different thermocycler program. This resulted in the successful amplification of the TK25 primer. Future steps include testing at least seven more dandelion loci and plastid loci from other related species and developing Nabalus specific primers. Data from these markers will be used to understand levels of population genetic diversity and structure within and among the island's Nabalus populations with special emphasis on developing a conservation genetic management plan for the endangered Nabalus serpentarius.

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1 - 6237 Memphis Arlington Rd, Bartlett, TN, 38135, United States
2 - University of Memphis, 3700 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN, 38152, United States

population genetics
gene tree conflict
Rattlesnake root

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