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Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo)

Baker, Robert (Rob) [1], Leong, Wen Fung [2], Welch, Stephen [2], Weinig, Cynthia [3].

Genotype to Phenotype Connections: Predicting non-linear developmental phenotypes based on genotypes.

Predicting phenotypes based on genotypes is a central objective of evolutionary developmental biology and a key component of breeding programs. Predictive models require understanding the genetic architecture of phenotypes throughout ontogeny because the trait of interest may be influenced by different combinations of genetic and environmental factors at different times during development. Quantifying growth trajectories is also important because selection may act throughout ontogeny rather than on final phenotypes alone and fitness/yield may be contingent upon prior environments and developmental events. Using data from Brassica rapa genotypes grown in multiple density settings and seasons, we applied a hierarchical Bayesian Function-Valued Trait (FVT) approach to fit logistic growth curves to leaf developmental data (length and width) and characterize leaf development. Our models statistically factor out genotype-specific differences in carbon availability (estimated by Amax) to more precisely identify the core genetic mechanisms underlying leaf development. We found evidence of genetic variation in phenotypic plasticity of rate and duration of leaf growth to growing season. In contrast, the magnitude of the plastic response for maximum leaf size was relatively small, suggesting that growth dynamics vs. final leaf sizes have distinct patterns of environmental sensitivity. We then constructed QTL-based models that predict leaf growth dynamics based on genotypic data. Our models successfully predicted non-linear developmental phenotypes for genotypes not used in model construction.

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1 - Miami University, Biology Department, 700 E High St, Pearson 390, Oxford, OH, 45056, United States
2 - Kansas State University, Department of Agronomy, Manhattan, KS, 66506
3 - University of Wyoming, Botany, 1000 E University Ave, Laramie, WY, 82071

Predictive modeling
Quantitative Genetics
Function-Valued Traits
Genotype to phenotype
Leaf Development.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 20, Evolutionary Developmental Biology (Evo-Devo) I
Location: 113/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2018
Time: 11:30 AM
Number: 20014
Abstract ID:147
Candidate for Awards:None

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