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Cullinan, Madison [1], Boutte, Julien [1], Livshultz, Tatyana [2], Straub, Shannon [1].

Evaluating the phylogenetic relationships of Echiteae, Mesechiteae, and Odontadenieae (Apocynoideae; Apocynaceae) using plastomes and nrDNA.

The closely-related tribes Echiteae, Mesechiteae, and Odontadenieae in the family Apocynaceae consist of 31 genera: 19, 5, and 7 respectively. Recent studies have attempted to resolve the phylogenetic relationship of the three tribes using short plastid and nuclear ribosomal DNA (nrDNA) sequences, or whole plastomes with sparse sampling. In this study, the whole plastome and 45S region of nrDNA were used to examine the relationships among the tribes. Total genomic DNA libraries from ten samples of the focal tribes and seven outgroup species were sequenced using Illumina technology. The plastomes and nrDNA cistrons were assembled de novo or using a reference-guided strategy in Geneious. The nrDNA sequences and assembled plastomes were aligned with nine previously published plastomes from the focal tribes using Mafft. Phylogenetic trees were inferred in partitioned maximum likelihood analyses in IQTree. The topology of the plastome tree was found to be similar to trees in recent publications, including support for the non-monophyly of Odontadenieae and Echiteae. The plastome tree was compared to the nrDNA tree and the positions of most of the species within Echiteae were similar, as were the positions of the species within Mesechiteae. The nrDNA tree did not have high bootstrap values, but there were several key differences between the plastome and nrDNA tree topologies. Pentalinon, the genus in Echiteae whose position in the plastome tree made the tribe polyphyletic, was grouped with the outgroups (sister to Periplocoideae) in the nrDNA tree. Further, two genera whose placement made Odontadenieae polyphyletic in the plastome tree were grouped with the rest of the tribe, making it monophyletic.

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1 - Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Department of Biology, 300 Pulteney St., Geneva, NY, 14456, USA
2 - Drexel University, Biodiversity Earth and Environmental Sciences, Academy Of Natural Sciences Of Drexel University, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA, 19103, United States

Nuclear ribosomal cistron.

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Location: Grand Ballroom - Exhibit Hall/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PRT029
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