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Annals of Botany Lecture - Jeffrey Karron

Karron, Jeffrey [1].

Linking plant-pollinator interactions to pollen dispersal and siring success.

More than 85% of flowering plants depend on foraging animals to transport pollen to compatible mates.  Pollinators often move short distances between plants, potentially limiting pollen-mediated gene dispersal and influencing the genetic structure of populations. However, patterns of pollen dispersal may also be influenced by the dynamics of the pollen transport process. My talk explores how patterns of pollen placement on pollinator bodies and the extent of pollen burial or removal from sites likely to contact recipient stigmas influence patterns of paternity. I also explore how changes in pollinator composition or in the abundance and diversity of co-flowering species influence patterns of gene dispersal. I conclude by highlighting exciting opportunities for future research, and how an understanding of pollen transport dynamics can be used in the conservation and management of flowering plant populations.

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1 - University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department Of Biological Sciences, Po Box 413, Milwaukee, WI, 53201, United States

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Presentation Type: Special Presentation
Session: S6, Annals of Botany Special Lecture
Location: 104/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM
Number: S6001
Abstract ID:1287
Candidate for Awards:None

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