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Crops and Wild Relatives

Gallagher, Evan Y. [1], Grindstaff , Brandin Alexander,Gage [1], Devi, Ruma [2], Mabry, Makenzie [3], Pires, Joseph Chris [4].

Breeding the Dog of the Plant World: Development of Doubled Haploid Brassica oleracea.

Just like dogs are known for their tremendous diversity in size and shape, Brassica oleracea is one plant species that has been domesticated into many familiar crops. These include vegetables such as Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, and Kohlrabi. The challenge with improving these vegetables is that there are not publicly available inbred lines that can be used to develop elite germplasm, as has been done in corn (maize) and other crops. One way to make inbred lines of diploid organisms is to instantaneously double the genome of male or female gametes. We are developing and optimizing the process of making doubled haploids (DH) lines in our lab to reduce the time spent selfing plants into homozygosity from many generations to one. At present, there are only a few DH lines publicly available for each of these important crops, with most of them being kales. Improving upon previous techniques and producing doubled haploids for each of these six major morphotypes allows for studies to assess the genotype to phenotype relationship on completely homozygous lines within a single species.

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1 - University of Missouri-Columbia, Biological Sciences , Columbia, MO, 65201, USA
2 - Punjab Agricultural University, Department of Vegetable Science, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141004, India
3 - University Of Missouri, Biological Sciences, 1201 Rollins St., Columbia, MO, 65201, United States
4 - 371 Bond Life Sciences Center, 1201 Rollins Street, Columbia, MO, 65211, United States

Doubled Haploids.

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Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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