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Jara, Orlando [1], Richardson, James [2], Madriñán, Santiago [3].

Systematic and Biogeography of the section Casparya (Begonia, Begoniaceae).

Section Casparya include around 41 species, being one of the most species rich groups of Begonia in the North Andean region. This is a monophyletic and morphologically well defined section, characterized by a unique type of fruit among the American begonias. The mostly North Andean distribution of Casparya make to this section an appropriate system to study the patterns and process of diversification in this region. We generate a multilocus and well sampled phylogeny of Casparya, dated through Bayesian inference to infer the ancestral ranges of distribution and reconstruct his historical biogeography using the model DEC (dispesal-extinction-cladogenesis). In order to understand the dominant modes of speciation and the changes in climatic niche, we performed niche modeling and polygons of distribution for each species and then we measure the age-range and age-niche correlation using independent comparisons. We show that allopatric speciation has been the dominant mode of speciation in Casparya, and that climatic niche overlap has not varied from the null expectation, suggesting niche conservatism. The ancestral area reconstructions shows that Casparya originated in the Cordillera Oriental of Colombia and colonized during the Pliocene all the major montane systems of the northern Andes, but was during the Pleistocene when most of the extant species were originated. We concluded that Casparya have responded to the climatic variation mostly moving around the optimum conditions in the mesic cloud forest, generating species allopatrically, but also have been able to cross occasionally the climatic tolerance adapting to extreme habitats as the páramo.

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1 - Jardn Botnico De Bogot, Herbarium, Cra. 22 No. 52-52 Ap. 102, No. 52-52, Bogota D.C., DC, 111311, Colombia
2 - Royal Botanic Garden, Inverlfith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR, UK
3 -

Andean biogeography

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Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2018
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