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Biology of Isoetales, a colloquium in honor of Dr. W. Carl Taylor

Schafran, Peter [1], Zimmer, Elizabeth [2], Taylor, W Carl [3], Bolin, Jay [4], Musselman, Lytton [5].

Unexpected genetic diversity in eastern North American polyploid Isoetes revealed with PacBio DNA sequencing.

Taxonomic boundaries between certain allopolyploid species of Isoetes of eastern North America are often muddled by their similar morphology. Next Generation DNA sequencing provides a technique for assigning individuals to species by phylogenetically clustering low-copy nuclear DNA sequences from each subgenome. By comparison with sequence data from diploid species of Isoetes, inferences can be made about the parentage of allopolyploid individuals. Individuals from multiple populations of tetraploid I. acadiensis, I. appalachiana, I. hyemalis, I. louisianensis, I. riparia, and I. tuckermanii, hexaploid I. boomii, I. georgiana, and I. microvela, and octoploid I. tennesseensis were collected across their ranges and a LEAFY intron sequenced using the PacBio RS II platform. These data indicate an unrecognized level of genetic diversity in polyploid Isoetes. While some populations were consistent with their traditional taxonomy, others showed subgenomic combinations that did not match any described species. Genetically uniform populations occurred most frequently, but some showed a mixture of taxa and ongoing hybridization. The subgenomes in many polyploid individuals were confidently assigned to a known diploid taxon, but several individuals contained genetically distant LEAFY sequences that suggest the existence of extinct or undiscovered diploid progenitors.

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1 - Old Dominion University, Biological Sciences, Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA, 23529, United States
2 - Smithsonian NMNH, Botany, P.O. Box 37102, Smithsonian National Museum Of Natural History, Washington, DC, 20013, United States
3 - 2912 22nd St N, Arlington, VA, 22201, United States
4 - Botany Department, 209 Cenv, 2300 W Innes St, Salisbury, NC, 28144, United States
5 - Old Dominion University, Biological Sciences, 5115 Hampton Blvd, 110 Mills Godwin Building, Norfolk, VA, 23529, United States


Presentation Type: Colloquium Presentations
Session: C05, Biology of Isoetales, a colloquium in honor of W. Carl Taylor
Location: 101/Mayo Civic Center
Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2018
Time: 10:45 AM
Number: C05010
Abstract ID:102
Candidate for Awards:None

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