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For Phylogeny and evolution of angiosperms in the era of next generation sequencing

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Angiosperm phylogenomics (1 Abstract)
angiosperms (2 Abstracts)
Asteraceae (1 Abstract)
Caryophyllales (2 Abstracts)
Community genomics projects (1 Abstract)
Comparative Genomics (1 Abstract)
De novo Transcriptome (1 Abstract)
Eudicot lineages (1 Abstract)
Evolution (1 Abstract)
Families with crop plants (1 Abstract)
gene loss (1 Abstract)
genome (1 Abstract)
Genomics (1 Abstract)
herbarium DNA (1 Abstract)
HybSeq (1 Abstract)
Lamiales (1 Abstract)
Mesangiosperm relationships (1 Abstract)
molecular dating (1 Abstract)
museomics (1 Abstract)
Next generation sequencing (2 Abstracts)
Phylogenomics (2 Abstracts)
Phylogenomics methods (1 Abstract)
phylogeny (2 Abstracts)
plastome (1 Abstract)
Rapid radiation (1 Abstract)
Rosaceae (1 Abstract)
substitution rate (1 Abstract)
Targeted Sequence Capture (1 Abstract)
transcriptomics (1 Abstract)
tree of life (1 Abstract)
whole genome duplication (1 Abstract)

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